We have conceptualized and developed two unique math based board games

Squares N Primes

Play Squares N Primes, a one of it’s kind Snakes And Ladders game with a unique twist. In a traditional snakes and ladders game you start from the bottom right of the screen but in this unique game you start from the center and move spirally.

This game helps kids learn mathematics visually in a fun and appealing way. Square numbers are snakes and prime numbers are ladders. If you land on a square number you get gulped by the snake to it’s square root whereas if you land on a prime number you get a ladder to a higher prime number. Squares N Primes helps student familiarise with prime numbers, perfect squares and their square roots.

Download this unique math based snakes and ladders game and teach your kids maths in a fun and effective way!


DIDO takes you through 3 unique levels with an interesting game mechanic that allows the players to learn division as they get engrossed in a competitive mode against other players.

Play with up to 4 players offline as well as online and race your way to the centre of the board in level 1 and 2. Level 3 takes you into a uniquely styled board that draws inspiration from Ludo game.

– Innovative and easy one tap gameplay
– Simple graphics
– Multiplayer mode
– Learn while having fun

DIDO is a perfect solution for kids to practice division and become great at it. Download now!