I am Pratima Patil (Borkar) . I have a few years of experience working as an advisor/ mentor for engineering aspirants trying to successfully clear competitive entrance examinations like IIT JEE, BITS etc. I was a branch manager at RAOIIT Academy.

Beyond that I have coached my two sons throughout their schooling with a focus on self study and a joy of learning. This led them both to clear the IIT JEE examination with AIR close to 1000 and acquire an education at IIT Bombay. They also attempted various examinations such as NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad (Maths/ Physics /Astronomy), CAT etc.

We achieved this by helping them priotize and compartmentize study load , setting up a balanced schedule and always encouraging them to look at exam scores as performance benchmarks and to identify areas of improvement, and not as a reflection of their self worth.

Students upto std 10
The students who develop good study habits from an early age find it easier to cope up with the competitive academic environment.
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Students of std 10+
Understand the two years process of preparation for engineering entrance exams.
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